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Things to take note before and during shooting session

1. Please feed baby well, try to time and finish the feeding 15 minutes before we reach

2. For breast feeding mom, we suggest to have the baby feed with bottle before and during the session.

3. Change new diapers for baby

4. Please take a bath for baby or get baby towel clean, as too oily hair and skin will not produce good photography results. Clean and comfy baby is always a happier baby 

5. If possible, kindly clear up a floor area size of roughly 2.5m x 2.5m for us

6. Please keep noise to the minimal during shooting session to prevent sudden baby movement or waking up baby. 

7. Parents are encourage to be around for your baby's first ever photo session but kindly please do not come into our shooting session area as we wouldn't want to miss any special moment of your baby. 

8. For family portrait, we suggest parents to wear some light colour matching clothing and mummy to wear some light make up too

**Extra precaution Covid SOP 

For safety concerns, everyone will be required to wear mask and keep a distance of 2-3 meter at all time during shooting session. We also encourage to keep the number of people around the shooting area to the minimal. 
For your information, all our team member have been fully vaccinated. We will sanitized all our props that come into contact with baby before and after every session and we will sanitized our hand too before handling baby. 
Your kind understanding will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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