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Baby Photography


Ourselves as parents, we always wonder how our little boy have grown so quickly, and it is true because first 12 months is when your baby goes through their biggest changes in their life.

We are always fascinated by the newborn baby stage, everything seems so tiny, just like a scale down version of us with those fine tiny little details. As they grow, that little unique personalities will slowly shows, and that's what we would love to capture

We love photographing babies in their 1st year, they are always expressive, showing genuine emotion and full of curiosity. 8-11 months is when they really start showing their personalities and are also discovering lots of new skills. 

This little lovely session is about capturing 

their personalities and every little detail, from the tips of their  little toes, to the tops of their heads with all that soft, wispy baby hair.

And of course every photo will be beautifully edited to bring out the lovely features and smile of your baby

Feel free to contact us to know more about our photography packages.

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